Complexity and Context, Chaos and Uncertainty

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Innovation happens both in existing and new business. As such, our work is subject to two fundamental challenges.

Complexity and Context

Processes, products, and services are complex. Added to this is the human user with her individual experience. Before we develop and implement solutions, we test everything iteratively. Until the result it works.

Chaos and Uncertainty

Creating something new is always a journey into the unknown. To navigate through chaos and uncertainty in fast-moving markets, we subject all of our work to user and market tests. Our compass is concrete market feedback.

Fundamentals for impactful innovation

Pragmatism vs. Dogmatism

We develop fast and fail early. We also build for users, not managers. We make assumptions and test them. And we make bold decisions when necessary.

Everything is contextual

We work for real organizations with history and tradition. Our work results fit our clients and their individual context.


Innovation is alive, dynamic, and complex. That's why we take a variety of perspectives and expand our understanding by listening and observing.


It's not the failure that's the problem, it's the hiding of the failure. That's why we're 100% transparent in our ideation process, so our customers know what's going on to make the right calls.

Small teams - serious framework - playful environment

We are entrepreneurs. That's why we answer relevant questions with maximum speed through early feedback from users and markets – and require minimal investment to do so. Instead of forming large project teams, we rely on small, interdisciplinary teams that can move fast.

Yannic Metz, Managing Director