Helping a planet in distress

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Design and testing of a smartphone app that allows individuals to track, discover, and reduce their own CO2 emissions.


A unique approach that combines both gamification challenges for active reduction and opportunities for financial compensation of CO2 emissions.

The "carbon footprint" offers people a simple approach to understanding how their individual lifestyles contribute to the climate crisis's more significant systemic problem. We partnered with one of Europe's most progressive energy providers to offer individuals a way to understand their own behavior and ways to reduce their own footprint.

"It's quite a challenge to put measures in place that allow people to research, understand, and reduce their personal carbon footprint without blaming and sole responsibility on the individual."

Jannis Hellwig, product architect

Naturate App auf mobilen Geräten

The Product

The smartphone application enables users to explore, understand, and reduce their carbon footprint, primarily through changes in personal behavior. This is achieved through challenges highlighting specific topics such as washing, lighting, travel, and other behavioral patterns. The user learns how individual consumption compares to other users in doing so. In addition, the user can financially offset their CO2 emissions easily by selecting one of many curated and certified projects.

To ensure that the money is used as intended, we have teamed up with Southpole to offer only selected projects that carry the WWF's, Gold Standard. Both organizations are committed to real climate projects that have a lasting impact and are completely transparent.

Fun Fact:
Working with Southpole has sparked our desire to become a carbon-neutral company and follow many other industry leaders combating climate change.

Our Contribution

We used the initial concept for the application as a reference point. We expanded it by testing additional features and adding them to the final product.

Additionally, we developed engaging user experiences and a detailed strategy for testing those experiences across social channels and search engines to get early feedback from real users. To this end, we developed a fully functional chatbot that was deployed across Twitter, Instagram, and display ads.

Our team of three full-time design and product experts worked fully decentralized manner and completed the concept development, rapid prototyping, testing, and validation phases in less than four months. We started with a broader range of channels and, over time, focused exclusively on the most effective media. Users interacting with the chatbot helped us identify blind spots and collect data points to test the scope of the features.

It is worth noting that we were supported by two other companies, Appsfactory and Savvy Market Research. Appsfactory was responsible for the visual design and development of the smartphone application.