Sparks of innovation for in between

Erfindergeist Boosterpack Renderings

Our Booster Packs give your inventive spirit a little kick. Suitable as an impulse. Ideal as a starting point for more.

Boosterpack - How to kill ideas online (fast)

How to Kill Ideas Online (Fast)

Hard Skills
Innovation Execution

Do you firmly believe in your business idea? That's great, but believing does not mean knowing. After this online course, you can work out the core message of your business idea and test it on the market in a data-driven way. There are two options: the idea lives, or it dies.

Boosterpack - (Gipfel)spitzentag

Summit Push


Level-headed at high altitudes. Just one of the many things that safe mountaineering and successful innovation share. In this workshop, we will climb the Alpspitze or Zugspitze together and derive insights into your innovation practices.

Boosterpack - Kill Your Company

Kill Your Company

Face-to-face workshop

Is this the future, or can we trash it? Together with our partner, philoneos, we dissect your business model. Our goal: Identify strengths and weaknesses and develop innovative business models. Your goal: Reflect & rethink, and be inspired for successful change.