How to Kill Ideas Online (Fast)

Card How to kill ideas online (fast)

You believe in your business idea? That's great, but believing does not mean knowing. After this online course, you will be able to work out the core message of your business idea and test it on the market in a data-driven way. There are two options: the idea lives, or it dies.

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How to Kill Ideas Online (Fast)

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You think your idea is cool? Your boss thinks your idea is cool? Even your grandma thinks it's cool? But the truth is: your opinions don't matter. Only one opinion counts on the market: that of your target group.

Our five-part online course shows you the quick way to market feedback. Based on your concrete business idea, we will set up core hypotheses and translate them into websites. We show you how to attract the right customers to your landing page with a targeted marketing campaign and use the collected data for your benefit. After the course, you will be able to make data-driven decisions and recognize whether your business idea has potential.


The Masterclass is divided into five partial courses. There is one one-hour course per week. You choose date and time!

Session 1

The context counts. Based on your concrete starting position, we jointly derive hypotheses that can be tested in your landing page.

Session 2

Thinking is good. Implementing is better. Here you will learn how to translate the finished hypotheses into a landing page and which content should not be missing.

Session 3

Nobody cares for good content if the website looks like it's from the early 2000s. Together we create a design that tastes good and doesn't get in the way of a good test.

Session 4

Channels, customer groups, campaigns... we'll show you how your customers can find their way to your landing page with a successful marketing campaign in Session 4.

Session 5

How do you know which hypotheses to pursue further? One word: data analysis! We discuss crucial key figures, troubleshooting, and learning from the landing page and campaign data.

Paul am Laptop im Office

That’s what you’ll take away from this course

Validation made easy

You learn an important skill to validate your business idea.

Use digital reach

Use the reach of digital platforms in your favor.

Gather relevant data

Collect purposeful data and learn how to understand it.

How to Kill Ideas
Online (Fast)

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