Before developing full-scale products, we build MVPs (Minimum Viable Products), and test them in the market. An MVP already includes the most important product features. MVPs help to quickly learn from the market.
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⌀ Team size: 4 FTE
⌀ Duration:  4 to 5 months

From validated ideas we build MVPs and bring them to market. Using real customer feedback, we evolve the MVP into a viable product.

⌀ Teamgröße: 2,5 FTE
Dauer:  8-12 Wochen


Rapid Go-To-Market

MVPs contain the minimum necessary functionality required of a product for market testing. Here we focus on identifying and implementing the most relevant functions.

Better products

Innovations have to be easy to understand and intuitive to use. Our hardware, software, and design experts use early feedback from the market to develop simple and scalable products.

Lower costs

We build MVPs - which means the product will only contain the most user-relevant functions. This allows us to achieve shorter development cycles and quicker reaction to customer feedback

Step 01

MVP conceptualization

We analyze requirements and develop  hypotheses for features. These hypotheses are tested with click-through prototypes. By understanding which specific features are required, we can define the required tech stack.

Step 02

MVP Development

The MVP is developed using the basis of the MVP concept (Step 1). By collecting specific user stories, we are able to define core elements: User experience, user interface, and technical implementation.

Step 03

MVP Softlaunch

Our MVPs are stealth-tested in the target market. This allows us to protect the brand and reputation of our clients.
Testing is done with beta testers, while meticulously recording data for evaluation.

Step 04

Learn & Evaluate

Based on the collected data, we evaluate whether the MVP is successful and derive concrete MVP evolution decisions.

Step 05

Hard launch or iteration

Taking the market feedback into account, we decide whether the product works well enough for a launch. Whether it needs further iterations or should be discontinued.



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