Our clients have ideas. We test these ideas for desirability, technical feasibility, and commercial viability
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⌀ Team size: 2.5 FTE
⌀ Duration:  8 to 12 weeks


Unsere Kunden haben Ideen. Wir überprüfen diese Ideen auf ihren Ursprung, ihre technische Machbarkeit sowie kommerzielle Sinnhaftigkeit.

Leistungspaket 01 – Validierung

Du möchtest das Geschäftspotenzial deiner Idee auf Herz und Nieren prüfen?
Phase 01 - Finden
⌀ Teamgröße: 2,5 FTE
Dauer:  8-12 Tage
mantro product studio - Venture Building München

We ask the right questions, identify the critical hypotheses, and test them in the market. Because in the end, the market decides whether an idea works.

⌀ Teamgröße: 2,5 FTE
Dauer:  8-12 Wochen


Risk mitigation

Validation mitigates the risk of going to market with an idea. We test if there is a need in the market; if the idea has business potential; if there is a willingness to pay; if there are customers; and if the market is big enough.

Market access

Even before we write a single line of code, we already have concrete leads. Therefore, validation leads to better and faster traction at launch.


Validating the business potential cuts the product development cycle in half, while significantly increasing success after launch. A successful product on the market is the key to a successful business.

Step 01

Creating Hypotheses

We combine the our client’s expertise  with our methodology to create hypotheses. A good hypothesis is testable, falsifiable, and precise.

Step 02

Designing Experiments

Experiments validate hypotheses in a quantifiable way. Through assumption mapping, we identify the critical hypotheses and then define the parameters we need for a specific, time-limited experiment.

Step 03

Developing prototypes

The goal of each prototype is to conduct an experiment in the leanest way possible. Example prototypes could be landing pages, mock-ups, a design prototype, or a typeform survey.

Step 04

Conducting experiments

We typically run several iterations of an experiment per validation phase. After experimentation, the data is carefully processed and analyzed. Based on the findings, we readjust existing experiments or start new ones.

Step 05

Deriving an investment proposal

Based on the insights, we develop an investment proposal including a business case and a roadmap for the upcoming months. In case we find no or contradicting evidence, we instead suggest to kill the idea.



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