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Digital Products and Services

Business Models


Digital Products and Services

Business Models


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Whether technologies, products & services or even entire business models. We offer lean solutions and fast implementation. To improve the core and create new business.

SD Card Core Business

Core Business

Where others see legacy, we see opportunities. The core business is not only beautiful, but vital. We ensure that existing products, services, processes, and structures are aligned with the future so that they can continue to create the basis for the new.

SD Card New Business

New Business

When a company designs new products or services, it needs foresight. We broaden your perspective to create sustainable new digital business. We cover everything from idea generation to development, testing and market launch.

Digital Products and Services

Business Models


Digital Products and Services

Business Models


Starting Points

Innovation is a question of context, and context is always path-dependent. In most cases, our clients approach us from three different directions.


We want to develop something completely new in our subject areas or on the basis of new technologies. But we do not know how.


We already have ideas and need support with validation and implementation.


We have built something but have not had any success yet. Please help.


Companies we work(ed) with

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Together with our customers, we bring ideas and concepts to people and markets. Two things are particularly important to us: lean solutions and fast implementation.

Connecting contexts

We use your unique position and knowledge of products, people, and markets to look at things from a different angle. The result: solutions that feel good and fit organically into your organization.

Impact through action

We don't deliver PowerPoint slides for someone else to do the work. We design and build. Without big words or false promises. That's why we are the right partner for fast and tangible results.

Diving deep and looking far

Expertise in product development meets customer centricity: We focus strictly on what the customer wants and needs. And always keep the success of the product in mind.

How we create impact


We develop all technologies in-house. With the support of, we offer state-of-the-art software development and infrastructure to drive even the most technology-intensive projects.