Our unfair advantages are our product teams and their craft.

We are Experts in validating ideas, building products and scaling standalone ventures. The products we build make money. But they don't do it from day one. They have to be launched into markets with the right approach. This is the only way to turn products into independent businesses.

We take these steps jointly with our customers. After all, they are the ones who know their markets best. That is our understanding of innovation and product development. And we understand it quite well.

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Our methods and tools were honed during more than 17 years of innovation work, company building and software development. Tested in practice and perfectly adapted to the needs of our customers.

Our Craft

A lean and efficient innovation process needs the right tools and approaches. Over the years, we have acquired a variety of methods and tools.


Requirements engineering / steering and implementation of technical development / customer-centric product development through agile methods / go-to-market strategy


Design thinking / lean UX, usability testing / think-aloud interviews / wireframing / rapid prototyping / landing page testing / add design / app design / logo design / Wizard-of-Oz


.NET Core 6 / Github / React / React Native / TypeScript with NestJS / TypeORM / Firebase / Webflow / Tailwind, PostCSS, SCSS / NPM / Node.js / Expo / Docker / AWS / Azure


Corporate Design / Content Creation / Brand Building / Performance Marketing / Claim Creation / Web Design / Landing Pages


Sales Strategy / Testing Sales Channels and Approaches / Prospecting / Lead Generation / Closing / Account Management / Sales Operations

Business model design

Lean Startup / Market Research & Segmentation / Customer-User Persona/ Value Proposition Design / Assumptions Mapping / Hypothesen-getriebene Entwicklung von Geschäftsmodellen / Business Pitch inkl. Business Case Building

Successful digital new business requires countless contributions. Our customers do not have to make them all, but definitely the right ones.


Innovation has the best chance of success when the idea originates in the minds of customers. They are the ones who know the market and its problems best.

Expertise and network

Successful digital new business requires one thing above all: knowledge of market and people. And nobody knows as much about them as our customers.


A good and consistent strategy is the foundation of successful innovation. The greatest chance of success comes with a strategic rational and thus support at the highest level.


Innovation is chaos. Innovation is uncertainty. Chaos and uncertainty can only be navigated when people take responsibility and make decisions.



Our product teams work closely with our clients’ respective technical experts. Thus, we prevent endless loops in innovation work and enable a fast market entry.

Even after a fast and successful market entry, the work is not done. Sustainable growth and a strong market position require a Day 1 mentality.

Day 1 Product

After market launch, the product is continuously developed based on customer feedback and observed market behavior.

Day 1 Technology

We align the tech stack of a solution with what the growth goals dictate. As a result, it is subject to constant review and change.

Day 1 Operations

The operations of an organization reflect the market. Therefore, it ought to be optimized continuously.

Day 1 Marketing

n order to achieve sustainable and strong growth, the most important lever for growth must be identified. This allows for a radical focus.

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