We validate the idea, build the product, and develop a sustainable business and organizational model. This way we launch successful digital startups and companies with strong growth.
Ziegelstein 3D Rendering - Venture Building
Ziegelstein 3D Rendering - Venture Building
Ziegelstein 3D Rendering - Venture Building
⌀ Team size: 4 FTE
⌀ Duration:  6 to 12 months
Team entwickelt Geschäftmodelle

We build and readjust, continuously. At the end of the venture building, we have created  a business and organizational model which is ready for independent and sustainable growth.

⌀ Teamgröße: >2,5 FTE
Dauer:  8-12 Monate


Scalable product

At the end of this phase, our clients receive a product which is ready to scale, both technically and in terms of readiness.

Sound organization

We take care of recruiting and the filling of key positions. We also establish processes and structures, that enable sustainable growth.


At the end of the venture building process, is an independent organization that can grow further without relying on our help.

Sales & Marketing
Sales & Marketing

We identify the customer base, establish sales channels, and develop the final pricing model

Operating Model
Operating Model

We develop workflows and processes, set up the technical infrastructure and define which resources and capabilities are required.

Product 2.0
Product 2.0

We achieve technical maturity for growth, finalize the product positioning, and define a roadmap for scaling the product


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