Products are only as good as the people who create them. That's why our focus is on people.

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Does innovation need geniuses and garage or creativity and explosions? We have found our personal answers.


Large companies with an international reach are the basis of our prosperity. Since industrialization, it has been their groundbreaking innovations that have shaped our world and our everyday lives. They owe their success to the growth of processes and systems. But as structures grow, the power of innovation dwindles.

Between empires and innovation

Structures create safety. However, a rigid system also makes it difficult to think and act freely. Innovation requires a willingness to take responsibility and needs to allow failure. These traits can be found in young companies in particular.  In the first years, new things are tried and tested on the market, chaos is navigated and the lack of structures is celebrated. But if you want to scale and conquer the world, at some point you have to bring order to chaos and fall back on the very processes that seemed unthinkable at the beginning. So how to achieve the one without leaving the other?


The digital transformation imperative tells us: we're too slow. We're lagging behind. We need to hurry up. Hectically, we turn to a challenge and try to master it as quickly as possible. But if we only stare at a single problem, we quickly lose sight of the big picture. The complex issues of the digital world cannot be simplified and reduced to one project. Their context is crucial to success.


How do you make decisions in a complex world? One takes the first step and already creates new insights and perspectives. The journey is the true goal in an ever-changing world. What is prosperous today may be obsolete tomorrow.
However: The goal is not to arrive in the digital world, but to keep moving in the digital world. Just do it. It's fun. Promised.


You've summoned up all your courage and inventiveness and come up with something really new. And now? How do you get it out into the real world quickly and in a commercially viable way? What happens if you fail? The answer is surprisingly simple: It is not the idea that is at the center of innovation, but the person. And the person needs real freedom: trust and a willingness to take risks, as well as composure and patience when something doesn't work out right from the start. Then one courageously sets out to test ideas and concepts and to bring back learnings unimaginable before. This is how a real spirit of optimism is created.


Taking responsibility means taking important decisions. This can only be successful if there is clear communication on expectations, doubts, fears, and wishes - before setting off for the journey together. This transparency is the basis to create meaningful innovation together.

It is the personalities that define our organization. Diverse and multi-layered with plenty of room for development.

mps offsite teambuilding

It’s a people business

Our work has direct impact on people: Employees, customers, managers, users. For innovation to succeed, it must be convincing at all levels. That's why personal, trustworthy and clear communication is our number one priority. Among us, we exchange visions and images of the future that inspire effective innovations.

Making room for people

We are as different as our unique life situations. Some of us have children, some of us don't. Some of us come into the office regularly, others work from their van on the coast of Spain. Our organization is built on diversity and inclusion, not only for the benefit of a individual, but to create innovation. Because it is the multiplicity of perspectives that allows us to see things differently.

interdisziplinäre Teams

Diversity is our joker

At mantro, we rely on interdisciplinary teams and on people with unique strengths. Everyone brings their own personality, expertise and way of working. The sum is what counts.

Culture is contextual. Culture is fluid. That's why we agree on a few key attitudes that frame our values and commonality.

Pragmatism instead of dogmatism

We develop fast and fail early. We develop for users, not managers. We make assumptions and test them. And we make bold decisions when necessary.

We listen

Innovation is alive, dynamic and complex. That's why we take a variety of perspectives and expand our understanding by listening and observing.

Everything happens in context

We work for real organizations with history and tradition. Our work results fit our clients and their context.


Failure is not the problem, hiding failure is. That's why we're 100% transparent in our ideation process, so our clients know what's going on.

Venture Architect (m/w/d)

Remote / Hybrid

This is not Rocket Science - it's venture building. Thought-through and rigourous methodical. And with 17 years of mantro experience.

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