Kill Your


MPS Boosterpack - Workshop Kill Your Company

Is this the future, or can we toss it? Together with our partner Philoneos, we dissect your business model. Our goal: Identify strengths & weaknesses and develop innovative business models. Your goal: Reflect & rethink and draw inspiration for successful change.

1-8 people
incl. mystery box

Kill Your Company

You don't have to be James Bond to have the license to kill. For business models, we simply take that right for ourselves.

We dedicate a whole day to your business model. Together with our partner philoneos, we analyze the status quo, your strengths, weaknesses, and challenges. And yes, we also talk about the ugly truths that no one wants to hear. The beauty of it: we understand how vulnerable we are by attacking ourselves - that’s the goal of Kill Your Company. Of course, only on paper and in our wildest fantasies. Because sometimes it takes a wrecking ball to make room for something new.


"Is this the future or can we toss it?"

Trends, innovations, and future utopias from various industries and markets.

Business model analysis

How do we as humans function and which are our biases?

Status Quo Analysis

What are our strengths, weaknesses, and challenges?

Trend Analysis

Which trends are relevant for us?

Ideation & Prototyping

How can we use these trends for us and innovate our business model from them?


View from outside

Get a different perspective on your business model.

Future impulses

Trends and utopias give you impulses for your future.

How to go forward

Develop concrete ideas for the future of your business model.

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