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Card Kill Your Company

Is this the future, or can we trash it? Together with our partner, philoneos, we dissect your business model. Our goal: Identify strengths and weaknesses and develop innovative business models. Your goal: Reflect & rethink, and be inspired for successful change.

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Kill Your Company

€ 5,999
1-8 people
incl. Mystery Box

You don't have to be James Bond to have a license to kill. When it comes to business models, we take matters in our own hands.

We dedicate a day to your business model for the Kill Your Company workshop. Together with our partner,philoneos, we analyze the status quo, your strengths, weaknesses, and challenges.

And yes, we will also talk about the unpleasant truths no one wants to hear. Of course, only on paper and in our wildest fantasies. The beauty of it all: we understand how vulnerable we are by attacking ourselves - Kill Your Company, indeed.
Because sometimes, to create, one must first destroy


Impulse lecture "Is this the future, or can we trash it?”

Trends, innovations, and future utopias from different industries and markets

Status Quo Analyse

Where are our strengths, weaknesses, and challenges?

Business model analysis

How do we actually operate and where are our weak points?

Trend analysis

Which trends are relevant for us?

Ideation & Prototyping

How can we take advantage of trends and use them to innovate our business model?

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What’s in it for you

View from outside

Get a different perspective on your business model.

Future impulses

Trends and utopias give you impulses for your future.

This is how it continues

Develop concrete ideas for the future of your business model.

Kill Your Company

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